Entertainment Units

Aside from the kitchen bench, we’d say the entertainment unit is the next busiest piece of furniture in the household. With the integration of tv, movies, music, gaming and online activity, the TV unit has well and truly progressed into a media / entertainment unit.

The storage requirements can differ greatly from household to household which is why our lowline, built in, wall or freestanding entertainment units can all be customised to your exacting requirements. Whether you need a basic television stand or integrated living room furniture we custom make to your needs.

Increasingly, our customers are requesting entertainment wall units in contrast to the cabinet style tv unit. Wall units incorporate cabinets, shelving and panelling to cover a significant wall area, whereas a tv unit is traditionally a long cabinet style incorporating cabinets and/or drawers.

Here are a few options to consider when planning your new unit:

1.       Freestanding or built-in?028

2.       Permanent or relocatable?

Consider whether you want your unit to move with you or if it is to remain as part of the house if/when time comes to sell.

A freestanding unit is easily relocatable.

An entertainment wall cannot be freestanding so this selection would limit the unit to some type of credenza if relocation was required.

A built in is safely anchored to the walls and floor; and safely accommodates above bench height storage

Both types can accommodate ventilation and cabling requirements.


3.       List of AV equipment?

We need a list of AV equipment as it must (i) physically fit, (ii) have adequate ventilation to prevent heat malfunction, (iii) be responsive to RC signals within it’s location.

The current suite of AV equipment could be: PVR/Foxtel, Apple TV, Modem. These require proper ventilation as they heat up substantially. They are smaller than video / DVD media requirements, which allows the ‘media centre’ to be contained to a shallow projection from the wall which is great for rooms with limited space. There is often one or two small av equipment cabinets with some open shelving for ornaments / disaplay.


4.       Do you require storage/shelving?

ent 6 shelves tv frontWe offer an entertainment wall in the context of a slimline modern European style; or as a traditional hutch over base cupboard with extensive book shelving. The slimline version typically has a some floating shelves which can be utilised as book shelves or display shelves.  If larger storage space is required then the traditional hutch style entertainment unit may suit better.


5.       Cable management requirements?

Cable management is always a concern for people.

Our entertainment wall philosphy is to create a sufficient void behind the unit / panelling so that wires can be concealed but also be accessible. However, the wall panelling option is more expensive than no panelling. In order to conceal wiring you will need an electrician/av guy to run the wires within the existing walls if possible? i.e. stud walls not solid brick. Panelling allows concealed wiring to be achieved with solid brick walls.


6.       Ideal viewing height (consider couch/sitting height)?

There is an ideal viewing height that determines sensible TV positioning. We typically work on neutral horizontal gaze being in line with the junction of the top 1/3 and bottom 2/3 of the screen.

It is uncomfortable to hold your neck in an extended position as it (1) requires static contraction of the rear neck/skull base muscles, and (2) can irritate the joints resulting in ‘Moviegoers neck’.

You can opt for different positioning, and we would determine this as part of our consultation process with you.


7.       Material preferences?
Material preferences can influence the design. Effectively it comes down to matching the available material sizes with what can be delivered into the room and your preferences.

Our most common request is for long bench tops or shelves without joins. We can manufacture a painted item up to 5.4m long. The maximum length a timber veneer is usually available in is 3.6m. But we can factory join and finish something longer.

We prefer a factory join over a site join which is (1) hard to control the level of, (2) can open up over time, (3) is highly visible, (4) is weaker.

If your entertainment unit requires a join, we will discuss this with you during your consultation.


Planera is one of the most progressive entertainment furniture manufacturers in Australia, with a reputation that is at the forefront of contemporary Australian design. Our freestanding or built in units are made from high quality materials and with absolute dedication to the strength and integrity of it being a functioning, high use, long wearing integrated furniture piece in your home.

Take a look through our entertainment gallery or bring in your own inspirations and we will custom build the entertainment unit to perfectly match your home.